EDI service provider & SCM integration service in OregonGiantware EDI service provider & SCM integration service in Oregon


As new technologies emerge and are integrated into SCM (Supply Chain Management) processes, it’s important to continuously evaluate the role and the effectiveness of the entire supply chain system. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is not a brand-new technology, but it remains a key component of many brand's SCM.

Connecting Vendors and Inventory Management is Essential

EDI may seem complicated, but really it is just a vehicle to standardize and simplify communications between trading partners. Retailers, suppliers, distributors, 3rd party logistics, etc., ALL benefit by exchanging important business documents on a secure network and in real-time.

Benefits of EDI include:

EDI enables you to work effectively and efficiently with your suppliers which makes you easier to do business with and builds a solid foundation to increase sales activity. EDI helps push costs out of SCM by eliminating inefficiencies and manual interventions. It is an industry leader in supply chain integration and lends itself to all types businesses, big and small.