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Internet of Things for Healthcare

The Internet of Things, also known as IoT in an interconnected group of smart devices. This has been a hot topic since the emergence of sensor-laden devices created the need for an infrastructure to coordinate them.

Internet of Things for Healthcare

October 16, 2018 Medical

Healthcare is a multi-trillion dollar industry with regular improvements from technology. As medical devices continue to advance, so does the need for a system to connect them all. Enter the Internet of Things for Healthcare.

A cloud-connected collection of medical wearables, devices, and sensors allows physicians to monitor the conditions of their patients at an unprecedented level. Troves of data are now available to doctors, enabling them to understand each individual patient’s condition on a deeper level and treat them more accurately.

Patients also stand to benefit from the technology, as they also have more access to their own health data, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their own wellness. Collecting personal health data is also fairly simple. Numerous technology companies like Apple offer wearable devices that gather the owners personal sleep, hydration, and exercise data.

But the Internet of Things for Healthcare is seeing a slow evolution, why? The medical infrastructure is enormous and full of strict protocols and procedures. Although simpler things like regular doctor’s visit can be enhanced by wearable-collected health data, more serious medical visits have yet to be fully vetted. Things like surgery and in-patient monitoring can be complex and warrant a closer examination before switching from tried and true methods.